Advertisement offer for the partners

"Urartu" offers advertising options to the partners. 

- Installation of advertisement posters behind the goals.

- Installation of advertising banner attached to the playing field.

- Advertising on the stadium light board.

- Advertisement lotteries during home matches.

- Advertisement in the official program and other printed materials.

- Advertisement in club's official website and social networks.

- Promotional visit by the players to the partner's organizations.

Yerevan's "Urartu" has one of the largest academies in Armenia and regularly represent Armenia in European cups. The club also pays a lot of attention to the fans. 
According to the statistics provided by FFA the average quantity of visitors during the matches is 950 and during large games more than 2000. 

"Urartu" pays big attention to the organization of home matches by regularly staging group dances, holding lotteries.

As a result "Urartu" stadium is visited by people from different fields- scholars and students, housewives and businessmen. 

The matches are broadcast live on V Sport Youtube channel and Armnews TV. The important episodes and photos of the meetings appear in the leading media and sports websites. 

All the partners are invited to cooperate in order to make football more developed and attractive. 

For advertisement offers contact "Urartu" football club.

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Gohar Vardanyan, Onik Yenokyan